10 Unusual Uses For Coconut Oil That Will Make Your Life Easier

Coconut oil seems to be this magical cure-all for everything and anything you could possibly need. In the beauty world, we can’t seem to get enough of the stuff. It’s in hair masks, shampoos, body scrubs and more, but it’s not only the beauty gurus that are loving this stuff.

The oil is full of useful properties that have been found to have benefits across the board. You can really simplify your life by replacing several products around your house with coconut oil. Here are 10 of the more unusual uses for coconut oil that you didn’t know.

Leather shoes needs to be conditioned and cleaned every once and a while, and the best and most cost efficient way to do that is by using coconut oil. Rub it into the leather and let it soak in. It will help revitalize the leather, just make sure to test it on a part you won’t notice before committing to the whole shoe.

There are many recipes on the internet so there really is something for everyone, but it’s a really great way to cut some calories out of your day without sacrificing flavor. All you have to do is add a tablespoon of whatever recipe you end up with to your coffee and you will have a wonderful beverage to get you going in the morning.

Butter may make toast delicious, but it’s not so great for the waistline. Replacing butter with the lower calorie alternative of coconut oil makes sure you start the day off right.

Coconut oil and baking soda are a simple combination that will help your teeth get cleaner and whiter than you could have thought possible.

By mixing coconut oil with berries and honey you can create little healthy alternatives to your favorite frozen treats. There are many recipes online that basically guarantee there is one you’ll love, or better yet, try making your own combination.

That’s not all coconut oil can do…

Whether it’s a wooden table or a cutting board, coconut oil will help condition it and bring it back to its original sheen. Rub it into the surface and let it soak into the grain, and watch it come back to life.

Coconut oil is very flammable but may not be the easiest to transport. But what you can do is make your own fire starters using cotton balls soaked in coconut oil and then use those to help that fire get started.

While coconut oil is an effective toothpaste, if you put a tablespoon in your mouth and swish it around for 10-15 minutes before brushing you will see that your teeth will get drastically whiter.

Dry heels are painful, but if you use coconut oil to soak into them it will help you moisturize them deeply.

It’s super frustrating when you buy something that has one of those labels that refuses to come off in one nice motion. If you need to get the leftover sticky residue off the plastic or glass, you can use coconut oil and it will come off much easier.

Do you use coconut oil for anything in your day-to-day routine?